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What Does Dropping Leaves Mean?

Shedding, yellowing leaves of plants does not always mean that they are unwell.

There are reasons your plants are dropping/shedding leaves and that it is completely normal. You are in no need to panic if the reasons are as follows:


  1. It may be a normal part of their life cycle. Some plants shed leaves as part of their life cycle, so it is completely normal. If the overall look of the plants look healthy, there is nothing to worry about. Just trim the yellowing leaves and remove any leaves that landed on the soil for regular maintenance to keep the plants healthy and clean
  2. When the plant first arrived at a new home – Some plants (like Fiddle-Leaf Fig) are very sensitive when they travel from one place to another. This is normal, as the plants are adjusting to a new environment that may have a different light, humidity and temperature levels. Check on the plants after a few weeks, with proper care, they will be well-adjusted
  3. When they are moved to a new spot in your home – just like the second point, sensitive plants usually have to readjust on a different light, humidity and temperature levels. On-going dropping leaves might indicate they are not liking their new spot, you may want to read on their preference, they might need to be kept away from the wind strokes of air conditioner or given more access to light
  4. When you repot the plant – A plant may need 2-3 weeks for them to adjust into their new home, do not be surprised if they may shed a couple of leaves

Observe the plants for a few weeks and if they are only shedding a couple of leaves. If the rest of the plants look healthy – it may mean they are settling in.

There are however things that may affect the health of the plant.


  1. Overwatering – when you notice mushy, yellowing leaves on the bottom of the plant, it may be the right time for you to give the plants a break from the amount you are giving to the plant. Overwatering will affect the structure of the plants as it will flood through the leaves and roots.
  2. Underwatering – A plant that gets too little water won’t be able to maintain all its leaves, so will drop some in a bid to stay alive. Very dry, brown leaves are a sign your plant is lacking moisture.
  3. New elements accidentally added to the soil – throwing trash/cigarettes that are not decomposed
  4. Excess in feeding of vitamins or fertilizer – overfeeding indicates that