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Should I Check On My Plants Regularly?

Are your plants doing okay? The importance of regularly checking in with your plants

Tending plants may just be the right meditative activity for you! According to a research, having active interaction with your indoor plants like touching the leaves, watering the plants or any kind of plant-tending can significantly reduce physiological and psychological stress.

When tending your plants regularly, you will be able to make it an activity to unwind and relax and your plants will thank you for the regular check-ins.

Regular check-ins are important to spot early signs of plants feeling unwell. It is common for dust to settle on the leaves which will eventually hinder growth. When there are areas covered by dust, plants will perform photosynthesis poorly, having lesser sunlight to be absorbed. Dust blocks the pores of the leaves as well, minimizing intake of air for plants to breathe.

Use a damp cloth to clean the leaves from dust. If the leaves are fuzzy in texture, a soft-bristled brush will ease you during cleaning. Clean your plants that have tiny leaves by showering them instead. Make sure to shower them from a distance, the strength of the water shower may overwhelm and cause distress for the plants.

Unwell plants are easily spotted during cleaning. Your plants may be infested with pests without knowing in the nook or corner of the leaves! Remove any dead, brown or yellowing leaves. Trim when necessary if there are browning tips. Weeding out the soil of your plants is also necessary, so the soil’s nutrients will exclusively be absorbed by your plants to grow.

Happy cleaning and relaxing!