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Are My Plants Safe for Pets or Kids?

Say perfect plant planter three times fast. Choosing a planter is not nearly as hard, once you know what to look for. Hint: read on to find out.

Are my plants safe for pets or kids?

Pets or kids may easily target plants to be something they curiously gnaw on. That is why when you are sharing your home with pets or kids, it is important to have additional precautions when choosing a plant.

Here at Lively, we ensure to inform our customers through our plant catalogue whether it is pet or kid friendly. The plants that are harmless for your home include Spider Plant, Areca Palm and Ruffled Fan Palm, or you can find the full list of plants we offer that are safe for pets or kids.

There are ways to still have plants that are not quite pet or kid-friendly. The best way is to put them out of reach. By investing on a plant stand, you are able to lift your plants away from the floor and curious pets or kids. Placing the plants on shelves or tables that are not accessible to pets or kids will be helpful too.