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What Can I Do to Make My Pets Away from My Plants?

What can I do to make my pets away from my plants?

A messy event with your plants and pets is almost unavoidable to happen. From messy toppled plants to ill pets after taking a curious bite out of the plants – but all the messiness can be prevented! Lively’s product page will let you know whether the plants are to be kept away from curious pets. Also, make sure to read our tips on how to still have plants that are not pet-friendly around while still having cuddles with your furry friend.

Here are our safe and plant-friendly ways to deter curious pets to be near the plants:

  1. Spraying plants with a mix of water + cayenne pepper – This one will help you with two things at once; it will help keep away your pets from being near the plants with its spicy scent and also a natural spray to rid of unwelcome insects that may harm your plants. Adding garlic will be helpful as well, but some may not tolerate the garlicky smell!
  2. Spraying the decor pots with a mix of water + lemongrass oil – There are certain scents that are not attractive to domestic pets, one of them is lemongrass oil. Eucalyptus oil or any citrusy smell is also repelling curious pets to be near the plants.
  3. Covering the plants’ soil with bigger stones or nets may also prevent your pets to keep away from digging away the mixing soil
  4. It would be a lot helpful if you make sure your decor pots are heavy, your playful pets will have a harder time to topple them down. Also, if they are placed outside, they will not be easily affected by the heavy wind.