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Zamioculcas – ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas zamiifolia


These are almost unkillable, they thrive upon neglect. Perfect for new plant parents!

Ø pot 25cm
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Product Details

Native to Central Africa, ZZ plants are well-adjusted to extremes of weather and robust in sustaining themselves in periods of drought and heavy rain. That explains why  you can plop these plants anywhere as they are one of the most easygoing plants. The only common mistake of taking care of these bad boys is overwatering since they store water and nutrients for a long period. A very chill and laid-back plant, ZZ plant will thank you more if they are watered irregularly. Perfect plant choice for the busy-bees.

If you are nervous about taking care of a plant, ZZ plant is the perfect choice for beginners. ZZ Plant is characterized by their thick waxy green leaves. We call the ZZ plants as a self-sufficient plant; a plant that almost seems to thrive on neglect, resistant to insects and diseases and generally low in maintenance. It is also a great air purifying plant.

Things you need to know

Botanical name

Zamioculcas zamiifolia


Native to Eastern Africa, from southern Kenya to northeastern South Africa


Zanzibar gem

ZZ plant

Zuzu plant

Money Plant

Weight5 kg
Dimensions30 × 35 × 50 cm


Size pot

Ø pot 25cm



Light Level

Semi-shade, Indirect bright light

Pet/Baby Friendly


Air purifying


Make your ZZ Plant feel like they are home by tending it with…

  • Tolerates low lights
  • Moderate to indirect bright sunlight
  • Avoid intense, direct sun
  • Allow potting mix to dry out between waterings
  • Highly forgiving when watered irregularly
  • Drain well after watering
  • If leaves turn yellow, you’re overwatering
Temperature & Humidity
  • Any, the plant is very robust
  • Prefers humid & warm
  • Tolerates dry air
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Studyroom
  • Any room, really, they are robust plants!

ZZ plant is a forgiving plant, especially to those that are beginner in their plant parenthood journey - they thrive on neglect