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Walisongo Batang | Dwarf Umbrella Tree | Schefflera arboricola


This plant will create a bold statement in your space with its matte and rich green leaves

Attention Seeker
Medium Light
Ø pot 33cm
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Product Details

The plant’s botanical name honors a 19th century botanist from Poland, J.C. Scheffler and its Latin name means tree-like, as their most distinctive features are their unique animated evergreen shrub. They are commonly planted in tropical cities’ landscapes and they also adapt and compliment well in indoor environments for office and home spaces.

To keep this plant alive, water thoroughly and let it dry between watering. The plant tolerates a lot of indoor conditions, but they will love you better if placed in brighter areas. If taken care of well, they’re superbly long-lived!

Things you need to know

Botanical name

Schefflera arboricola


Taiwan, Hainan, Australia


Walisongo Keriting

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Hawaiian Elf

Weight8 kg
Dimensions35 × 40 × 100 cm


Size pot

Ø pot 33cm


Attention Seeker

Light Level

Medium Light

Pet/Baby Friendly


Air purifying


Make your Dwarf Umbrella Tree feel like they are home by tending them with…

  • Most happy in indirect bright sunlight
  • Tolerates medium lights
  • Avoid intense, direct sun
  • Drain well after watering
  • Allow soil to dry before watering
  • Prolong moisture of soil will cause root rot and loss of leaves
  • Will not tolerate overwatering, best keep the soil on the dry side
Temperature & Humidity
  • Warm temperatures are most ideal
  • Mist for a weekly treat
  • Tolerable to dry environment
  • Keep away from sudden cold draughts
  • Living Room
  • Bed Room
  • Study Room
  • Place near windows

The plant’s well-rounded, almost animated leaves come in green leaves and also variegated ones. Definitely a breathtaker for your lively home for an urban jungle touch

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