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Monstera | Swiss Cheese Plant | Monstera Borsigiana


An evergreen beautiful to be plopped anywhere in your home, always a head-turner!

Low/Indirect light
Ø Pot 25cm
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Product Details

This beautiful luscious plant has been the talk of the town once again, along with Monstera deliciosa – whether they are two different plants or the same, and the debate remains unresolved!

One sees Monstera borsigiana as a synonym name for Monstera deliciosa, and that it is a variegated type – this means that its true name should be Monstera deliciosa var. borsigiana.

There is one theory some are more inclined to believe, and that is that M. borsigiana is a cultivar of M. deliciosa. One of the arguments is supported with how the vines grow – M. borsigiana grows as a vine right away while M. deliciosa develops vines only when it matures.

Whether you are team “same plant” or team “different plants”, here at LIVELY we are rooting for team “I will love and care for my plants, no matter the species.” Don’t you agree?

Quoting Darryl Cheng @houseplantjournal on Instagram to end this: “…instead of being disappointed that you don’t have a “true” deliciosa based on potentially inconclusive evidence, focus on helping whatever plant you have grow to its full potential!”

Things you need to know

Botanical name

Monstera borsigiana


Southern Mexico and Southern Panama



Swiss Cheese Plant

Weight kg


Size pot

Ø Pot 25cm, 33cm



Light Level

Low/Indirect light

Pet/Baby Friendly

Toxic when ingested

Air Cleaner


Make your Monstera feel like they are home by tending them with…

  • Loves most in bright indirect light
  • Tolerates low light
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Water when top half soil is dry to the touch
  • Keep the soil on the dry side as constant moisture can lead to root rot
  • Mist generously to increase humidity
Temperature & Humidity
  • Loves you more if given high humidity
  • Prefers warm temperatures
  • Tolerates dry conditions
  • Keep away from cold drafts
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Hallways

Known for their unique holey foliage, Monstera is one tropical beauty that provides immediate statement of indoor jungle vibes

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