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Bromel List Kuning | Variegated Matchstick Bromeliad | Aechmea gamosepala ‘Lucky Stripes’


Irresistible and attractive variegated foliage!

Attention Seeker
Low/Indirect light
Ø pot 15cm
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Product Details

There’s a small nook in the middle of the plant where you have to ensure there’s water in it, as they receive nutrition and watering mainly from there! Flush the water regularly to avoid mosquitoes laying their eggs.

Bromeliads are commonly monocarpic, meaning that the plants bloom once in their lifetime, and later wilting after producing offshoot pups.

If you give a comfortable environment for the plant to grow, the plant will have matchstick-like flowers of stunning colors of pink and/or blue.

Things you need to know

Botanical name

Aechmea gamosepala ‘Lucky Stripes’




Bromel List Kuning

Variegated Matchstick Bromeliad

Variegated Gamos Bromeliad

Variegated Urn Plant

Lucky Stripe

Weight1 kg


Size pot

Ø pot 15cm


Attention Seeker

Light Level

Low/Indirect light

Pet/Baby Friendly

Toxic if ingested

Air purifying


Make your Variegated Matchstick Bromeliad feel like they are home by tending them with…

  • Loves morning sun the most (indirect)
  • Best in indirect bright light/partial shade
  • Avoid shaded areas
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Ensure the ‘tank’ in the middle of the plant is filled with water!
  • Flush the water in the middle regularly
  • Watering should be minimal
  • Soil to be slightly moist
  • Never allow the soil do dry out
  • Keep the pot well-drained after watering
Temperature & Humidity
  • Prefers warm temperatures and high humidity
  • Keep away from cold drafts
  • Loves you more if misted daily
  • Balcony
  • Place near windows
  • Place in room with plenty of windows and has access to humid air

Striking with cheerful light green foliage. One plant you need to have in your collection!

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