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Bromel Keris | Flaming Sword | Vriesea duvaliana


One plant you don’t want to miss in your collection!

Attention Seeker
Low/Indirect light
Ø pot 15cm
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Product Details

Falling into the family of Bromeliaceae, the genus name for the flowering plant is for Willem Hendrik de Vriese, Dutch botanist, physician (1806–1862).

In their original habitat, native to the tropical climate, they grow on shady and humid forest floors or attached to trees. This means bromeliads will thank you for providing areas that are warm, wet, and shady. In the wild, it is common for the plant as havens for insects and frogs – some even go through their life cycle in a bromeliad!

We are not very sure if this Flaming Sword is Vriesea duvaliana or Vriesea splendens, as bromeliad plants found in Indonesia are commonly hybrids. This is because most Vriesea are epiphytes and grow soil-less on trees. Commonly, since they have no roots, they take in nutrients through the center ‘tank’ made by a rosette of leaves.

Things you need to know

Botanical name

Vriesea sp.

Vriesea duvaliana


Mexico, Central America, South America and the West Indies


Bromel Keris

Flaming Sword

Weight1 kg


Size pot

Ø pot 15cm


Attention Seeker

Light Level

Low/Indirect light

Pet/Baby Friendly

Toxic if ingested

Air purifying


Make your Flaming Sword feel like they are home by tending them with…

  • Loves morning sun the most (indirect)
  • Best in indirect bright light/partial shade
  • Avoid shaded areas
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Ensure the ‘tank’ in the middle of the plant is filled with water!
  • Watering should be minimal
  • Soil to be slightly moist
  • Never allow the soil do dry out
  • Keep the pot well-drained after watering
Temperature & Humidity
  • Prefers warm temperatures and high humidity
  • Keep away from cold drafts
  • Loves you more if misted daily
  • Balcony
  • Place near windows
  • Place in room with plenty of windows and has access to humid air

There’s a small nook in the middle of the plant where you have to ensure there’s water in it, as they receive nutrition and watering mainly from there!

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