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Plant Care

A collection of our articles to carry you through your plant parenting journey

Picking Your Plants

Before You Buy Your Plant - Your Ultimate Healthy Plant Checklist

Before You Buy Your Plants - Your Ultimate Healthy Plant Checklist The Guide in...

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How Much Should I Water My Plants?

How much should I water my plants? There are three important things that should...

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Are My Plants Safe for Pets or Kids?

Say perfect plant planter three times fast. Choosing a planter is not nearly as...

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What Can I Do to Make My Pets Away from My Plants?

What can I do to make my pets away from my plants? A messy...

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What Does Dropping Leaves Mean?

Shedding, yellowing leaves of plants does not always mean that they are unwell. There...

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Should I Check On My Plants Regularly?

Are your plants doing okay? The importance of regularly checking in with your plants…

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What Do I Do if My Plant is Infested with Bugs and Mold?

You are very sure you made your plants get their access to enough light…

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Light, Humidity & Weather

Soil & Potting